Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Iphone Apps that can make you money.

These are completely free and fun to use.

We aren't talking about anything huge here, but these following apps can make you some small amounts of change. Every dollar counts is my motto and getting money for playing around with my phone isn't ever going to make me upset.

App Trailers 

This is basically what it sounds like. With this app you watch 30 second trailers of free apps that you can download. After watching the trailer you can download the free app. You get 10 cents every time you complete this two step process. There are other less expensive tasks and videos, but also higher paying ones as well. The great thing about this app is you get $1 for every person you refer. Redeem to paypal, amazon, and many other gift cards.

 Get a nice little bonus when you sign up by typing in the word jackpotbonus in the bonus code section. This should start you off with a nice amount.


This has a really cool and fun way of earning merchandise, money, or gift cards. You go to a local grocery store and scan the items that it has listed for you at that specific store or scan them at home and right a quick review that only needs to be a few words at most. You can also download some free apps to get more chances of winning big prizes and money.

Mark me as a referral and we both earn extra money upon your sign up. Put frofro52 in at the bonus code screen!